“Life is life. Fight for it!!”

“Urip kuwi mung mampir ngombe”

“Yakinlah bahwa apapun bisa dicapai”

“Sebuah pepatah bijak mengatakan, ingatan yang kuat masih kalah dengan tulisan yang buram di atas kertas”

“Seseorang harus memusatkan perhatian pada target yang besar dan tidak boleh meninggalkan target tersebut sebelum semuanya tercapai”

“Saya tidak takut pada orang yang latihan 10 ribu macam tendangan, tapi saya justru takut pada orang yang melatih satu tendangan 10 ribu kali” – Bruce Lee

“Success is going from failure to failure without loosing your enthusiasm” – Winston Churchil

“Dengan keinginan yang kuat dan tujuan yang jelas, all universe will conspire to help you”

14 Things Productive People Do In The First 15 Minutes Of The Workday

1. They stroll into the office at least 15 minutes before official working hours
2. They set up their work space like professionals
3. They review what they have done previously
4. They review their to-do list and deadlines
5. They identify no more than 3 important tasks for the day
6. They ask themselves good questions
7. They check their emails only if they absolutely have to
8. They put their mobile phone on silent
9. They close their eyes and visualize what their workday is going to be like
10. They take a moment to breathe and be present
11. They do some light stretching
12. They give their colleagues space and time to warm up for work
13. They serve their own needs before helping others
14. They are grateful for work and challenges ahead


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