My Manager 2017-2018

Pinky has been performing extremely well on managing and improving JOP operations that cover all of Indonesia location other than Balikpapan. His strong technical knowledge and hard work have been key elements on making sure that all the jobs are prepared and executed very well. He is well respected by his team and has been showing very good initiative to manage increase of activity with limited resources. SQ and HSE results for 2017 is the proof of the achievement that he had.

Moving forward he will broaden his knowledge and skills with his transfer to the new role as InTouch engineer based in Houston.
He has a very important role during this transition on NWW as well as hand over with his replacement, making sure that the smooth hand over to the new function to perform the “old FSM” task to the new Function and hand over with the new PSD Manager to carry forward excellent performance in 2017. I am counting on your support and commitment to make it happen flawlessly.

I would like to thanks for his contribution in 2017 and I wish all the best with his next assignment as well as his career progress in the future

—————-Suraji Nugroho (Schlumberger OU PSD Manager, Indonesia, Far East Asia) 2018

I fully agree with the comment and rating from Suraji.

Congratulations to Pinky for the Outstanding performance!
As said above, covering the entire Indonesia operation minus Balikpapan is a huge role to fill. Pinky covers one CE location (Cikarang) plus 3 depots (Duri, Prabu and Jambi, all of them used to be full-fledge locations in the past). Pinky is very organized and it’s the key skills required to cover such a large operation. Pinky is also very independent – he will try his best to manage the operation despite VERY limited resources without much escalation and he only escalates when it’s really required. He strikes great balance of escalation and running operation independently. When he escalates, I know that he has tried every angle. Despite having to stretch his resources (asset and also his team), Pinky is well respected among his team. It highlights Pinky’s ability to manage his people well.

I also like to highlight that Pinky largely improves the processes in Cikarang operation from previous manager and the result is clear from the strong SQ result in Y2017 – key deliverable from an FSM/PSD Manager. One area that I recommend Pinky to focus in the future is on client engagement. Excelling this skill will go a long way for Pinky’s career in SLB.

I thank you Pinky for his hard work, dedication and commitment that Pinky has put in during his role in Cikarang in Y2017. I also congratulates Pinky for his assignment as InTouch engineer in US – wishing him the best for his future career in SLB.

—————-Albertus Soeryadinata Wibawa (Schlumberger Operation System Manager, Far East Asia) 2018

Top FSM Scorecard Performances: Well done to you – 20 Jan 2016

I want to take this moment to personally congratulate you on your outstanding performance and commitment to our SD process. Your personal drive and commitment has been flawless and will continue to be needed in 2016. Despite the headwinds ahead, I know I and WL can count on you. Well done.

Djamel Idri
Wireline Vice President Asia

Top FSM Scorecard Performances – 20-Jan-2016

The below FSMs have truly excelled throughout 2015 and led the FSM scores for the full year average. I would like to thank each of you for your dedication and consistent approach to the service delivery process.

Field Service Manager Worldwide Score Geomarket
1. Hanna Wagner 599% Kuwait
2. Constance Dirckze 595% Brazil
3. Adiya Kozybakova 591% Australia
4. Sameh Ali 590% Kuwait
5. Pinky Angga Mahardika 584% Indonesia
6. Matheus Santana 584% Brazil
7. Juan Guillermo Perdomo Torres 582% Colombia
8. Obdulia Magdalena Zuniga Moran 580% Colombia
9. Ali Oulmane 580% Algeria
10. Alexander Nekrasov 578% Russia

Jeffrey Clark
Wireline Operations Integrity Manager – Headquarter

My Manager

Y2016 was a great year for Pinky.

Pinky was assigned as Badak FSM until Q3-16 then due to his performance, he was given bigger responsibility to be FSM for JOP covering Jawa, Sumatra and Remote Operations based in Cilandak. JOP location is one of the most complex in ING.

I will let Bosco comment on Pinky’s performance in Badak.

Since the arrival in Jakarta, Pinky has managed to improve the overall organization of the location. Toward the end of Y2016, JOP saw a steep increase in activity and Pinky managed it extremely well without much supervision. The service quality of JOP has been excellent since his term.

Going forward, I’d like Pinky to maintain his focus on the SQ of the location while keeping his leadership on Safety. After more than 2 years of the worst down turn in the industry, JOP has seen many changes in management and N+2 management. I count on Pinky to maintain open communication and regular face time with his direct reports. This is key to keep up the motivation level of his team. I also would like to see Pinky to increase the visibility. This can be done through more proactive communication with his managers.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Pinky for his great contribution in Y2016 and I look forward to work together with Pinky for a stronger Y2017.

—————-Albertus Soeryadinata Wibawa (Schlumberger Wireline Operation Manager, Indonesia, ING, MEA) 2017

Pinky has continued to grow in stature in his role as FSM in 2016 as he increased his level of oversight for Kalimantan operations in addition to those of Badak.

His organizational capabilities and sound knowledge of his team’s competencies helped to ensure that a solid plan for redeployment of resources were in place as activity shifted from Badak.

Pinky maintained an excellent relationship with his peers and the management team as a whole and took positive action from feedback and direction shared.
Reassignment to Jakarta to oversee the diverse and remote activity mix will be a fresh challenge for Pinky, providing a fantastic opportunity to further develop his leadership qualities while maintaining his managerial oversight of the business.

I would like to sincerely thank Pinky was his hardwork and commitment during 2016 and wish him continued success in his career.

—————-Bosco Edward Tohill (Schlumberger Wireline ES Operation Manager, Indonesia, ING, MEA) 2016

Pinky continued to lead his Badak teams and made a number of positive important contributions for VICO operations. As the overall activities continued to drop, Pinky was then later trusted to also manage all open-hole activities in Kalimantan, in additions to Badak operations. He also contributed to our team efforts in the negotiation with the Badak landlord, which resulted in a significant 32.5% saving on our base lease costs there. In Q3-2016, Pinky was assigned to JOP to take on an even bigger role and responsibility to manage JOP operations.

I am very pleased to see the progression which Pink enjoyed in 2016, which he very much deserves. Some learning curves may still lie ahead in front of Pinky, but I am confident that with the dedications and commitments Pinky has, he will continue to deliver and grow in the company.

Pak Pinky, thank you for all your great supports in 2016, and I wish you all the very bests in 2017

—————-Anwar The (Schlumberger OFS Sub Geomarket Manager, Kalimantan, Indonesia, ING, MEA) 2016

Pinky is hardworking, skillful and very flexible to co-operate in any manner. He delivered in 2014, not only as lead engineer in location but covered as an EIC during my absence.

Area of improvement for Pinky is to develop his people handling skills, have authoritative approach to address issues and pass an influential message for his team else his soft personality/attitude will be taken lightly by his subordinates, that may effect location discipline and SQ.

—————-Muhammad Usman Zafar (Schlumberger Wireline Field Service Manager, Udhailiyah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ARM, MEA) 2015

I agree with Usman’s comments and rating. Pinky was a leader for the team in UDH for 2014 and was the go to guy for EIC relief and for the challenging operations that we faced. His technical strength helped to ensure quality service. In addition his attention to HSE was clearly illustrated by his commitment to reporting standards. I wish you luck in your new assignment. Key area of growth will be to develop your decision making skill and don’t be afraid to be mean!

Thanks for the efforts in 2014. Best of luck in the years ahead.
-Art Gibson / Rig Operations Manager – Saudi

—————-Arthur Gibson (Schlumberger Wireline Rig Operations Manager, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ARM, MEA) 2015

Thanks for the efforts in 2013 to help the team exceed client expectation for UDH. 2014 will be a year of growth and with that we will have a number of new faces joining the team. We will need Pinky to help develop (coaching & mentoring) the new team members into strong players to help ensure we provide the best service quality. Looking for a strong effort in 2014 as we grow to closely adhere to our procedures, utilize the tools available (SWI) and manage your team to deliver the best in HSE and Service Quality.

Thanks for the efforts in 2013, looking forward to a growing 2014
-Art Gibson / ARM Wireline – Rig Operations Manager

—————-Arthur Gibson (Schlumberger Wireline Rig Operations Manager, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ARM, MEA) 2014

Pinky has always been a very strong and proficient FE . In 2012 , his objectives and role was mainly to be an OH EIC for WL Duri . Pinky did an excellent job in leading the team and ensuring the OH team had as little SQ issues as possible . Pinky was very much involved in training and mentoring the young FE’s and this is commendable . In addition , Pinky also helped a lot with the organisation and setup for the processes in the base and this helped in order to keep Duri running smoothly.

In 2012 , Pinky also achieved a big miles stone in his career by getting promoted to become a GFE . This was well deserved and he did a good job in his controls and presentation. In terms of development , Pinky needed to work hard on closing his proficiency gap . He has mastered all the services in Duri but as a GFE , a lot more is expected . Pinky was transfered in Q3 2012 to an IM position in Udhaliyah , Saudi Arabia . I hope this has helped develop him to become a more complete GFE .

All in all , I thank Pinky for his contribution in 2012 and I hope that he has enjoyed working in Duri under my management . He was an asset to WL Duri and I am sure he will do well in this company .

Dimitri Denamany

—————-Dimitri Denamany (Schlumberger Wireline Field Service Manager CTX) 2013

Agree with Manager’s comments and rating. Pinky is a very dependable engineer who did an excellent job as OH EIC helping out the FSM on a day to day basis as well as coaching the new engineers. The new assignment would be a great opportunity for him to acquire proficiency in services that were not available in Duri. With his great attitude and hard work I am certain Pinky would shine in his new location too.

Alireza Nadali, SUM WL Operations Manager & Account Manager Norway

————-Alireza Nadali (Operation Manager Sumatra & Account Manager Norway) 2013

Pinky has been a key contributor to the excellent performance of WL Duri. His SQ achievement and the type of jobs that he has handled over the entire 2011 have been impressive and definitely outstanding in comparison to his peer. Pinky has the right attitude and is also very much active in activities that have to do with improving the processes of the base. Towards the end of 2012, Pinky was nominated as an EIC for OH operations and he lived up the expectations. He was also nominated the best FE for the geo-market which cements this evaluation of his performance. My only advice to Pinky is that he needs to ensure he completes his promotion requirements as soon as possible and never lets over-confidence get the best of his good record in the field and in the shop . He has some technical gaps that need to be closed (Cased Hole logging) and I hope he achieves that soon. All in all, I thank Pinky for his contribution in the year 2011 and I look forward towards his continuous support in 2012.

Dimitri Denamany

—————-Dimitri Denamany (Schlumberger Wireline Field Service Manager CTX) 2012

Agree with FSM’s comments and ratings. Pinky truly deserved the title of best ING (Indonesia) FE in 2011. He is a very reliable and dependable engineer who is always willing to help junior engineers in the location. He should focus on getting GFE promotion in Q1 2012 and move to a new location to face with new challenges that I am sure he can easily handle. Thanks for your hard work in 2011 and looking forward to see you continue on the same path in 2012.

Alireza Nadali – SUM WL Operations Manager – January 2012

—————-Alireza Nadali (Schlumberger Wireline Operation Manager – Sumatra) 2012

Pinky is one of the CTX asset that showed his contribution to CTX growth. His ability (Knowledge of work, Energy Level, Ability to work under pressure, Creativity, Initiative, and Control of Costs) to work under pressure and his knowledge of work is one of his strength. He showed that he capable to do the extra work to achieve the goal, but one thing that still left behind is the development on his fix step training.

I thank him for his contribution on 2010 and looking forward for 2011 when he become SFE and GFE.

Sabam Tumanggor

—————-Sabam Tumanggor (Schlumberger Wireline Field Service Manager CTX) 2011

Agree with manager’s comments and rating. Pinky is one of the top FEs of the location and a good example for younger engineers to look up to. He, however needs to follow his fix step training more aggressively.

Thanks for your contribution to the overall success of Duri WL operations in 2010 and wish you agreat year ahead.

Alireza Nadali – CTX WL Operations Manager – February 2011

—————-Alireza Nadali (Schlumberger Wireline Operations Manager CTX) 2011

Pinky knows how exactly how to do the job, and always make sure every details needed to get the job done. He takes control from A to Z of his job / operations. His high creativity had also gave advantages to us. He has not had any failures since assigned to Duri, for all CTX HO job or high profile exploration job.

Thank you for all your hard work and contribution in 2009.
Wish to work closer with you for a yet to come success in 2010!

Best regards,
Lisa Song

—————-Lisa Song (Schlumberger Wireline Open Hole EIC) 2010

Pinky has shown good technical grasp with his background from Jakarta operation. He was assigned in exploration well and execute the job well. His development area is working on SFE promotion ASAP, and to be more agressive on expressing his thought. Thank you for 2009 contribution. Success in 2010.

Seriwidjaja Lim, WL CTX OM

—————Seriwidjaja Lim (Schlumberger Wireline CTX Operation Manager) 2010

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Pinky on successfully completing PEPTEC-1.

Pinky has shown many of the qualities that should, given a consistent focus and similar work ethic see him develop into a solid Field Engineer. Pinky should take onbaord the development comments as they will only serve to make him a excellent example for his work colleagues to follow.

As Pinky is aware, being a Schlumberger Field Engineer carries a large responsibility, and as a company we will rely on him to lead his crew in the key areas of HSE & SQ standards and policies at all times.

Finally, I sincerely wish Pinky the very best with his career in Schlumberger, and to that of his breaking out as early as possible.

B. Tohill WL TM, MLC

—————Bosco Tohill (Schlumberger Wireline Training Manager, Middle East Asia Learning Centre 2008)

My Friends


pertama kali denger namanya, kirain cewek….eh setelah tau belakangnya angga mahardhika baru nyadar klo cowok…hehehe. sekelas waktu matrikulasi…kelas 12 baru kenal setelah masuk kuliah n pengkaderan…sama-sama nrp 6… pinky tu orangnya rada aneh….tapi pinter banget….salut deh buat pinky…. anehnya dia tu gmn ya??? pokoke anehlah…sukanya ngomong ma aku yang ga jelas pokoke…ga ngerti maksude opo…ya kan MAS…(lebih tua dr aku pake manggil aku mbak..)

ni anak juga pinter banget ngomong… pokoke semua-muanya bisa… mo tanya pink…kamu tu yang ga bisa apaan seh??? waduh bis mbaca ni testi Awas helm-mu ga cukup lg…hehehe…(ojok ge-er yo pink!!!) udah ah sgitu aja…. pokoke mesti dibales testi juga…. oiia lupa…ni ank banyak fansnya juga di TC dari seangkatan mpe adek kelas…

—————Muthia C-14 (02/07/2006 3:04 pm)

Gutten Morgen, Hi Pinky

Kl bicarin ni anak partner praktikum sisopku cuma satu kata yg pas ,,, “KEREN”
nich anak multi talent, semua serba bisa,, bal2an sangar,, ngoding jago,, kuliah suangar,calon cumlaude,, kemampuan ngomong ngk perlu diragukan lagi, apalg kl berdebat ama dia soal politik, maklum anak BEM,,  trs punya ide brilian yg slalu bisa memecahkan kebuntuan,, ramah banget ama semua orang,,ibadahnya jg bagus,, pekerja keras buanget sampe mungkin ngk sempet bwt istirahat,,optimisnya tuinggi ,, yg paling penting, aku salut buanget itu ama cara berpikirnya untuk maju,,, betul2 calon orang sukses dimasa depan,,,ni anak bener2 KEREN.

nb: kpan2 main C&C lg yuuk. cmiiw

—————Satria Indraprasta C-14 (02/05/2006 5:20 pm)

Jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 00.25 malam (waktu testi ini ditulis)…
Jika tak karena kewajiban ananda pada Bunda tuk prestasi sekolah…
T’lah terbawalah jiwa ini dalam dunia mimpi…
Bodohkah saya, menyiksa diri hingga tak tidur pula…?
Hingga teringat SEORANG TEMAN berkata…”Kamu pasti bisa !”.
Saat itu pula, jiwa ini bangkit ! Kantukpun hilang seketika !Luar biasa, sepenggal kata pembangkit raga…
Samar samar terlihat sebuah NAMA YANG LANGKA , akupun tertawa…”Thx Pinky !”

~Best Regard’s
Prasetyo W

—————Prasetyo Wibowo C-14 (09/29/2006 1:37 am)

Mas Pinky…

Pertama liat dah kelihatan pinternya,,
Dan ternyata dugaanku nda salah..

Pas jadi pemandu LKMM kelas Hogwart,
Beliau adalah yang

dari yang Terbaik,,
Thx ya Mas, sudah bikin motivasi saya dan temen2 bangkit lagi,,

Satu lagi,,
Mas Pinky ini orangnya suka memberi salam ala orang Jepang 😀

Pokoknya Asyik dah orangnya,,
Satu semboyannya…

>> Jangan pernah Takut
>> Dan Jangan pernah Menyesal

-Salam dari Saya dan temen2 2005-

—————Adit C-15 (05/10/2006 9:12 am)

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb.
Sebelumnya aku ucapin selamat atas amanah yang telah diterima semoga dapat dijalakan dengan baik. Dari Akhi Pinky aku baru tahu ejaan EYD entrepreuner… wakakaka…Nech Orang kesannya COOLLLLL walaupun sebenarnya gak gitu banget sechh,,, Dia tu VisiNya ke depan loch. Smart, dia yang ngajarin aq Alin walaupun diajarin tapi aq tetap dapat nama depanq. Wes ga rugi koncoan ambek Pinky teman SD dan teman TK yang pernah Cekik aku =) Sampai mau mati aku waktu dicekik ma GangNYA pinky si Fajar klo ga salah. Gang TK Petrokimia. Sekarang udah punya GANG sendiri di kampus, namanya HMTC. =) Wes sukses yooooo…Ntar klo butuh saran aq bs bantu, buat kemajuan HMTC khususnya di Tc.Com ato enterpreunershipNya.Ok? Ajak aku di RAKER aku udah nyiapin beberapa SARAN Sistem Tc.Com.
Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb.

—————Mohammad Dhaafi C-14 (07/07/2006 1:58 am)


……..ngngng……….wis G’ pake LAMa…Pinky Tuh CAntik….Pink Banget gitu loch….ManjJJaaa…..poKoknya kLo dy baca nih Testi,, pasti marah bukan MAIn…..lho Koq gitu….??Iya,,,, soalnya dy cowok 😀 dan Pastinya testi ini g’ bakalan di-approve………………….tapi tunggu bentar……….
…..eh ternyata di-approve…. g’ papalah bwt hiburan ^ ^,,,,, yang pentiNG para frenstah semua taw kLo tasti di atas tuh boong :D….ngapuntenne nggih PInk menawi kuLo nggadah salah setaun kepungkur niki….mugi-mugi njenengan tambah taqwo dumateng gusti 4JJI….

persahabatan adalah .:: KEBERBAGIAN di saat SUKA.:: KEPEDULIAN di saat DUKA.:: SALING MENGINGATKAN di saat LUPA

—————Hadziq Fabroyir C-14 (09/07/2005 5:18 pm)

wahh… aku jadi pengisi testi pertama neh… mau yang jelek2 ato yang buruk2..
hehe.. ga koq… pinky!! let see.. pinky tuh pink banget!!(apa hubungannya??)
setauku pertama kenal pinky anaknya cuex banget.. tapi setelah kenal ternyata
lebih cueks weks kweks.. tidak mau  merepotkan dan di repotkan!! pengalaman jadi bendahara ma dia
yang aku denger dari mulutnya cuman “ya apa ??” dan “yo opo?? wes piro??” udah itu aja!! hemat kata2.
pinky waktun gundul dan ga’ gundul beda banget!! tapi kalo’ baca di milis kaya’nya lumayan melankolis, tapi ga’
tau lagi seh..!! ya deh segitu aja bales testyku ya!!!

oh ya pink ak lupa nyampein… kemaren pas tambahan kul metnum pak yudhi bilang klo’ presentasi kamu paling bagus… hueeeee… =D ,, keren..keren… =D .. ak baru inget pas buka profilenya mutia ada timonmu… makanya sekalian ngasih tau disini .. =p

—————Najwa Basymeleh C-14 (12/25/2004 1:05 pm)

pinky dari kata pink
lalu apanya yang pink?
namanya yang pink

singkatnya pinky itu cool ato mungkin sok cool (tapi pink ojo cool-cool engko coolcoolen). dengan jalan (by the way) pinky itu sangat bertanggung jawab atas tugas kul-nya (rajin maksude). tujuanku nesti dia soale dia lebih dulu nesti aku (istilahe aku kepancing)

semoga di approve,salam approve!hidup approve!pokoke kudu di approve! da 😀

—————Isa Beta Aldi C-14 (11/11/2005 9:16 pm)

WeLL i’m ThE FirsT pEopLe Ni. PiNkY, km Tu oRgNy misTeRius BgT.
KL oRg g kEnAL mA km mErEkA BaKaL BiLaNg “Ni AnAk somBoNg
BgT Y”. DL wAkTu msh Es Em pE, pAs BLm dkT mA km NiTa pUnY pikiRaN kYk
giTu (soRrY Y pReNd), Tp sTLh dkT AnAkNy EnAk jg djdiiN TmN (iNgEt kAn
pAs qTa msh kLs 3 Es Em pE dL “TdkkAh km iNgiN mEngULaNgNy kEmBaLi?”).
Km Tu AnAkNy cUek BgT,mNgk AdA Be2RapA oRg Yg cUek jg dg siFaT km
iTu Tp An99Ep jg oRg Yg mErAsA jEngkEL km cUekiN. PiNky AnAkNy cErdAs jg,piNtEr d.
TrUs pALg Y….?? Mmm NiTa pUnY sArAn coBaLah Utk Lbh cArE dg LiNgk. sEkiTaR,dLm ArTi
coBaLah Utk Lbh mEnghArgAi Tmn OtReee… LasT, NoBodY is pErFecT so jUsT Be
YoUrsELf gUys.MakE pEopLe sUrRoUnd U hAppY. ThAt’s ALL (BLs Add TesTiQ Y!!!) Wass.

—————Ratna Ayu Febianita C-14 (12/24/2004 7:43 pm)

pinky, pertama kali denger namanya. emang agek aneh denger namanya!!!!!!gak match
banget sama anak cowok!!! tapi yo gak po- po sech!!! wis kadung!!!!!!
pinky anaknya pasrah……soalnya waktu tak
tanyain “dia kya gimana?”, dia jawabnya
terserah!!!!! tapi klo dari hati nurani….
mahasiswa ITS…..
baik hati &tidak sombong…..
suka menabung, Idaman para mertua…..
he…5x klo g merasa gak pa pa kok, tapi yang pasti g rugi klo jd tmnya!!!!!
eh….diem2 nie anak……calon presiden BEM pek….seManGat pREndS…

—————Diatmana Parayudha C-14 (12/29/2004 12:34 pm)


Let’s talk about pinky (the prince charming ;p)

mm, ni anak dulu tmen gue satu sma (sma 2 surabaya)
pertama kali liaat, kesannya dingin buangeeet
jadinya takut de kalo mo ngomong ma dia
takut dicuekin, takut g dianggep, dll
jadinya ya, g akrab ampe sekarang

tapi anehnya
si pinky ni buanyaak buangeet lo fansnya
mulai dari tmen sekelas ampe lintas sma (eh pink, jgn GR y, tp emang bner gitu kok he3x ;p)

ni anak juga multitalent
apa2 aja bisa, olahraga ok, ngeband juga kereen, ibadah hmm jgn ditanya, prestasi sekolah apalagi
dulu dy sering jd jawara kelas lo

and satu lg, puisi2 km tu bgs bgt
mending km jd sastrawan aja
drpd jd programmer ;p

lucunya, dulu dia tu pernah ditembak ma tmen sekelasnya sebut saja “cinta”
tp g tau ya kenapa kok ditolak ma pinky
padahal anaknya tu cantik banget,
pake jilbab lg, & tajir abissss

trus beberapa bulan berikutnya
dia ditembak lagi ama cewek sebut saja bunga

to be continue

—————CheerGals (11/25/2006 9:55 pm)

dan seperti yg sebelum-sebelumnya…ditolak mentah2 ma pinky

padahal ni anak cuaaaaantiiiik bgt and baik laghi

intinya, banyak deh cew yg ditolak ma pinky
ampe g keitung (huehehehe)

gila km ya pink!!
lo tu bner2 pemakan hati cewe

btw, di infor km dah dapat pasangan blum?
kalo blum ya gpp ma aku aja hehehehe ;p (just kidding)

HEERAAN deh ma km pink
kalo gue bilang km tu PERFECT BANGET
dan gue yakin pasti fans km di infor juga banyak

btw, ni testi tlg di approve yaaa please
di approveeee ya pink
kali inii aja

ntar gue g ganggu km lg deh

oia, pink maap
gue pake nama, email, & friendster samaran
gue malu kalau km tau siapa gue

yang jelas dulu gue prnah jd tmen skelasmu waktu sma
tapi ya di approve ya

coz it is just for you

Ok d, thank ‘u very muccchhh
God Bless You

—————CheerGals (11/25/2006 10:02 pm)

Hallo Ping!! iki ceng.

sangar yo isine testimonial mu si CheersGirl critane komplit ngono.
Sayang dia gak cerita….tentang perasaan ANACONDA padamu….hehehe……….

ojok ngamuk pink kulo just joking only tapi bagaimanapun juga…..
tidak semua laki-laki…mendapat cinta ANACONDA…aku inget pesan anaconda….
kata si ANACONDA “Senyum Pinky semanis senyum monalisa” hehehehe……

Pink, kapan-kapan ayo maen DotA lawan aku. Basskoro pisan lek koe ora wani…
one by one lawan aku. Movie sing kon tulis nang profilemu.. ga onok Samurai X? padahal biyen awakmu
tergila2 karo samurai X. Duwe film samurai X ga?? Lek duwe aku nyeleh rek.. suwe ga nonton jadi kangen
karo amakakeru ryuno hirameki.

—————Kresna Ade Putra SMADA’04 (02/22/2007 10:19 am)

Gw suka gaya lo boy.

—————Yanuwarsa C-15 (04/27/2007 4:37 pm)

Pinky!!! U are really On-Fire!!!

selamat ya,, ketrima di Schlumberger!!!! kereenn !!!
ntar kalo uda kerja di luar negri jangan lupa ma kita2 .. hohoho..

Sukses de Bro!

—————Oliver Indra Prodinger C-14 (05/01/2007 6:43 pm)

wooii Pinky!!
selamat man! Lulus 3,5 tahun, cum laude lagi!
uda gitu langsung kerja di sclumjhgdfhgr (susah nulise)… well, goodluck bro!
masa depan cerah menantimu

—————Oliver Indra Prodinger C-14 (02/20/2008 10:14 pm)

tambah seeep ae je koncoQ yang satu ini…..
saluuuuut selamat atas semua yang kau peroleh……

—————Ilya Khresti Widiyanto SMADA’04 (04/22/2008 1:47 pm)

Mas Pinky,..
S E L A M A T ya..

Hebat,..LuLus 3.5 taon n cumLaude.. 🙂
semoga adek2nya segera menyusuL mas Pinky,..cumLaude jg 😛

—————Dwi Kusuma Wardani C-15 (03/16/2008 10:26 am)


wah, mas, gak tau upload foto, moro2 upload pas nang Dubai…terbaek…^_^
wah, semangat2…minta doanya biar ndang lu2s n bisa suksez kaya’ samean (kalo bisa sih lebih, hwehwehwe 🙂
kalo balik ke Indonesia, jangan lupa, bawa daging unto, kulakan mas, ndek kene laku keras…hwahahaha…
piye, sek kangen makanan jowo y? 🙂

—————Adi Nugroho TC’04 (08/21/2008 6:24 pm)

Catatan Dari Kawan Tentang Saya

Sebuah Tulisan “Pembalasan” untuk Mahasiswa yang Baru

oleh Kukuh Adi Perdana pada 04 November 2010 jam 3:45
 1. Orang tua berani berkata A, B, C dan lain – lain mengenai sesuatu dan banyak hal.
2. Pengalaman akan lebih besar harganya dari sebuah nilai yang ada di selembar kertas.Dua buah “quote” ini adalah hasil pemikiranku yang aku susun menjadi 2 sebuah kalimat di atas. Dan tulisan ini mengawali cerita pengalamanku di angkatanku selama kami masih Maba dan berada pada suasana Pengkaderan. 🙂

Sedih dan senang, 2 buah ungkapan kata yang aku rasakan saat teman-temanku menilai aku selama menjalani pengkaderan. Penilaian yang aku dengar ketika kami bertemu Maba 2010 di @JK. Ya, aku senang karena mereka menceritakan keberhasilan kami 2007 yang hampir 100% menjadi kader HMTC dan aku sedih ketika mereka mengingatkan akan pola pikirku membelot untuk menjadi seorang Boikoter.

Boikoter adalah sebuah istilah bagi mahasiswa yang memilih jalan cerita kuliahnya sebagai mahasiswa yang tidak aktif di dalam organisasi kemahasiswaan kampus yang sering kita sebut Himpunan Mahasiswa.

Jujur saja dulu sebelum aku sadar akan kalimat no 1, aku selalu berkata di dalam hati

“Kampret, ngapain kita disuruh gini gitu.

Taeklah, ga usah di dengerin juga omongan tu orang… ga ada guna !”

(Maaf ya mas dan mbak yang jadi pendampingku dulu). Ya Males, itu kata yang paling tepat menggambarkan perasaan yang ada di dalam badan ini. Males kumpul, males ngerjain tugas2, males ngurusin kegiatan dan males2 yang lain. Di dalam pikiranku cuman ada 1,

“Aku di kuliahkan di ITS untuk kuliah bukan untuk ngurusin hal-hal yang tidak jelas ini !”

Beruntung saja, bulan Desember yang Indah…. (hahahahhaha, ini istilahku sendiri, ga tau yang lain). Kami 2007 di pertemukan dengan Salah Satu Artis Himpunan, dari angkatan 2004. Namanya Mas Pinky, sesuai dengan namanya yang menurut saya memberikan suasanan ringan, tenang dan gembira. Dia menceritakan sebuah kisah Kunci dan Gembok [Silahkan di Baca Di Postingan Sebelumnya]. Perandaian Kunci dan Gembok serta sesi tanya jawab dalam berbagai kesempatan  sangatlah tepat untuk menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan mengenai tujuan pengkaderan, antara laina.

  1. Sampai Kapan Kita di Kader ? Pengkaderan tidak akan pernah usai,di kampus, di kantor dan di masyrakat kamu tetap menjalani masa pengkaderan  (Jawabannya Mas Pingky). (sampai kamu pergi meninggalkan badanmu [Tambahan dari Pemikiranku] ).
  2. Apa sih manfaat pengkaderan ? Pernah merasakan coklat Australia ? (Pertanyaan dari Mas pingky) Menurut saya coklat Australia itu lebih enak dari coklat Indonesia yang paling mahal harganya. Anda Percaya ? Silahkan mencicipi itu sendiri (Jawabannya). Yang saya simpulkan adalah manfaat yang dirasakan oleh seseorang pasti berbeda dengan orang lain, tergantung seberapa dalam dia memaknai acara tersebut.

Mulai dari sinilah saya mulai menerapkan kalimat nomer 1, se-GeJe-GeJenya senior, tetaplah dia yang lebih tahu dari kita. Dan apabila saya menerima kerjaan yang tidak jelas, saya akan kerjakan semaksimal saya dan saya anggap sebagai latihan di dunia kerja (It Works Man !). Jujur saja saya mengakui sifat Ego saya masih berkuasa, sehingga banyak tugas yang saya terima dengan berat hati. Hingga akhirnya aku berceletuk ke Sukma dan Bram,

“Nek awak kene dadi senior ojok ngene ke maba yo….”.

Dan sekarang aku sadar, alasan senior memperlakukan angkatanku seperti itu adalah sebagai media komunikasi di dalam angkatan dan juga media pembelajaran untuk kuliah dan dunia kerja (I Prove It, Guarantee 100%).

It Works Man ! dan I Prove It, Guarantee 100%, adalah teriakan akan keberhasilanku mengolah keluh kesahku menjadi sebuah pengalaman yang berharga saat ini. Dan kalimat no 2, menjadi bukti saat aku berhadapan dengan klien-klien projectku. Pengalaman bertemu dengan banyak teman-teman beda jurusan, bertemu dengan alumni dan orang perusahaan saat Schematics dan lain-lainnya membuat apa yang telah aku pelajari selama kuliah seolah kalah dengan kata-kata yang keluar dari mulutku ini. Dan teringat ucapan kedua orang tuaku,

“De, Bapak ama Mama enggak punya apa2 untuk diwariskan ke kalian berdua. Hanya Persiapan untuk kalian menempuh ilmu saja yang Bapak dan Mama berikan. Karena apa yang ada di kepala kalian tidak akan pernah habis hingga kalian meninggal.”

Jadi lewat tulisan ini, aku cuman menyampaikan saja ke adik-adik kelasku. Perjuangan kalian belum mulai ya, ini hanya sebuah batu kecil di perjalanan hidup kalian. Ajaklah adik-adik 2010 kita, untuk merasakan sendiri pengalaman yang tidak dapat mereka dapatkan setelah keluar dari kampus Informatika ini.

Vivat TC.

Alkisah Kunci dan Gembok

oleh Kukuh Adi Perdana pada 14 Agustus 2010 jam 3:53

Tadi siang setelah berhasil (tidak sepenuhnya berhasil dan hampir 50% ketahuan nyelinap di barisan MaBa…) masuk ke dalam barisan Mahasiswa Baru 2010 Teknik Informatika ITS dan mendengarkan sebuah cerita, sebuah cerita yang membuyarkan minat saya untuk pindah dari Informatika ITS.

Kunci dan Gembok, ya itu judul yang saya dapat dari Materi Kehimpunan yang dibawakan oleh Tirta (Kahima TC Periode 2010/2011). Namun saya tidaka akan mengulas cerita tadi siang melainkan saya ingin bercerita kembali mengenai alkisah yang seharusnya memiliki maksud dan tujuan yang sama dengan cerita Kunci dan Gembok.

Kunci, Gembok dan Pintu

Kita sebagai mahasiswa MASUK ke dalam kampus adalah sebuah jalan. Namun jalan itu hanya memiliki 1 jalan keluar, jalan keluar yang berfungsi sebagai Pintu Kemana Saja (Pintunya Doraemon). Kita dibekali oleh Tuhan 2 buah kemampuan yakni Softkill dan Hardskill. Mari kita beri istilah baru, Softkill = Kunci, Hardskill = Gembok dan Jalan Keluar = Pintu.

Kita MASUK kuliah berarti sudah mengunci pintu untuk keluar, namun suatu hari kita pasti bisa membukannya. Setiap hari kita belajar, belajar mengenai mata kuliah di kampus kita. Semakin kita banyak belajar maka semakin besar peluang kita untuk lulus (membuka pintu), dan berarti semakin baguslah gembok yang dipasang di pintu.

Dan selama kita di kampus seringkali kita mendengar kata ORGANISASI. Bagi saya Organisasi adalah sebuah media pembelajaran, media pembelajaran untuk Softskill kita. Semakin sering kita aktif di dalam organisasi, saya berani bertaruh bahwa semakin besar kemampuan kita untuk memperluas wawasan tentang sekitar, baik terhadap teman, dosen, karyawan dan masyarakat luas.

Dulu saya pernah bertanya kepada Mas Pinky, “Mas, bagaimana bila saya tidak aktif di organisasi ? karena saya ragu bisa memperoleh nilai IPS dan IPK yang baik bila konsentrasi saya bercabang. Dan juga menurut mas bisakah saya menjadi orang sukses ?” Mas Pinky menjawab “Sukses, sukses itu relatif dek…., namun jika saya analogikan ke dalam Kunci, Gembok dan Pintu. Dengan tidak aktif di organisasi dengan berarti kamu mencoba membuka pintu dengan caramu sendiri, cara yang tidak biasa dan tentunya kamu bisa keluar dari pintu itu, SAYA JAMIN ! entah keluarnya baik2 (Lulus) atau tidakl baik (DO). Mengenai Sukses, bisa saja kamu benar-benar sukses, bisa saja kamu biasa-biasa saja dan bisa saja kamu tidak sukses. Nah jika kamu berani masuk ke dalam Organisasi berarti kamu sudah memiliki sebuah kunci, kunci yang mempermudah membuka gembok tersebut. Tinggal kamu asah saja kunci itu, sejelek – jeleknya gembok itu namun jika kamu bisa membuat sebuah kunci yang indah dan pas pasti pintu itu akan terbuka dengan benar dan silahkan anda semua bayangkan apa yang ada dibalik pintu itu. SUKSES ! Tidak percaya ?! Silahkan buktikan sendiri !”

Jadi di kepala saya, saya membuat sebuah kesimpulan. Kita bisa saja membuka gembok itu dengan apa yang kita pelajari di bangku kuliah, namun dengan output yang 50-50. Jika kita berhasil menggabungkan Kunci dan Gembok, pintu itu hanya menuju sebuah kata SUKSES !


Sebuah cerita dari mas Pinky, yang berhasil “menyembuhkan” stres saya dari kuliah di tahun pertama di ITS dan ikut menulis sebuah sejarah di lembar kehidupan saya….. Dan saya percaya bahwa Sukses selalu hadir untuk kita semua, tergantung bagaimana kita bisa mempersiapkan diri kita masing – masing.

Selamat kepada Kabinet Sinergi, tugas pertama kalian sungguh bagus ! Walaupun aku belum bisa memberikan contoh yang baik kepada kalian, tapi kalian menjawabnya dengan sebuah kinerja yang prima. Selamat bertugas Kabinet Sinergi, hubungi kami kakak kalian jika mengalami kesulitan, kami selalu mencoba untuk ikut membantu.


————————————- Kukuh Adi Perdana (14-Aug-2010, 3:53 AM)

Mas Pinkyyyyy….


Selamat yaaa… as The Best Performing FE Key Contributor 2011..
Semoga makin sukses!! ^^

————–Dianisa Primayuki – Schlumberger Wireline Junior Field Engineer (12-Jan-2012, 5:14 PM)

Mas pinky,

Waaaaaah mantap bgt,,, foto mas pinky bakal dipuja2 engineer selama setahun kedepan..hahaha. Selamat ya mas,,,weiss jadi best engineer. Memang pantes lah boss kita satu ini, good coaching, high experience, wide knowledge, pokoknya mantap lah mas pinky. Calon FSM hebat di masa depan, haha..

Sekali lg congratulation ya mas, sukses terus.

—————Muhammad Fahmi Baagil – Schlumberger Wireline Field Engineer(12-Jan-2012, 8:46 PM)

Congrats Pinky…

Truly deserving…

Being the best over the period of a year is not an easy feat to achieve. Moreover you are the best amongst the many loggers and maintenance staff in the whole country.

Congratulations !

—————Dimitri Denamany – Schlumberger Field Service Manager – Duri (13-Jan-2012, 8:45 AM)

Quality Award Winners,

I would like to thank you for your performance and contributions to improving Quality in your locations.  Your efforts go a long way in helping us differentiate our SQ from our competition.

Best wishes in 2012!

—————Adrian Mendoza – Schlumberger Operation Manager – Indonesia (12-Jan-2012, 6:47 AM)


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